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As Bhutan strives to be one of the best destinations for tourist, many hotels and resorts have mushroomed in the country that meets standards. Hotels are rated according to National 5 star rating system. As a tourist, you are entitled to a minimum of 3 star hotels on a twin-sharing basis.

Almost all the hotels provide guest with Television, Room Services, Fitness Center, Spa and Wi-Fi. However, the services differ from hotel to hotel. Besides these hotels, many resorts have come up in the country and they too provide all the essential services. For those wishing to have a quiet stay out of busy towns, then resort is the choice.

Tourists also have option of staying in a Guest House and Farm House. Those wishing to stay in guest houses and farm houses will have an opportunity to enjoy delicious home-cooked meals and unparallel hospitality of a Bhutanese host. You will also have an opportunity to have a first-hand experience of how Bhutanese farmer’s life unfolds in a day and how it winds up in the evening.

Though accommodation may not be a problem, advance booking is always encouraged especially during the peak season as many tourist visit Bhutan during this time. Therefore, we encourage our valuable client to contact us in advance about your travel so that accommodation is ensured in advance.