The Bhutanese people are of Anglo-Tibetan origin. Dark, brown and average in height, with a dark hair, the Bhutanese resembles in many ways to the Tibetan people. Bhutanese are bit shy by nature but are friendly and hospitable people. Broadly speaking, Bhutanese people are homologous group of people divided linguistically in to three broad sub-groups. These are;

These group of people are native to the six eastern Dzongkhag (District) of Bhutan and they speak a separate language called ‘Scarchop’ or language of the east. Their language is also known as ‘Tshangla’. In addition, there are also some separate sub-group of people that are nomadic and dwell in the north-east of the country. They have separate local dialect and wear different costumes.

These group of people are native to the western Dzongkhag of Paro, Thimphu, Haa, Punakha, Wangdue Phodran and Chukha. They speak a language known as Dzongkha and it is also the national language of Bhutan.

These group of people are native to the southern part of Bhutan and are of Nepalese origin which now forms the large section of the Bhutanese population. They speak a Nepalese language and till late wears national customes.

Besides there are number of smaller groups, many with their own language which forms about 1 % of the population. These groups are; Bumthap in Bumthang , Layap in the North-West, Brokpa in the North-East and the Doya in the south west