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Given Bhutan’s mountainous terrain, mode of travel in Bhutan is mostly by road. However, three domestic airports have opened up- one in Bumthang in centrl Bhutan, one in Yonphula in Trashigang, Eastern Bhutan and one in Gelephu in the south. However, at the moment, only the Bumthang airport is operational. Therefore, tourist now have an option of flying to Bumthang.

Nevertheless, roads are well maintained and currently, double lanning of east-west highway is going on.  Travelling by road can be interesting and adventurous as you will have an opportunity to see some of the beautiful mountain peaks, lush valley and mesmerizing pass.

In order to ensure that our guest have comfortable, safe and reliable mode of transport, we at Sotphel Tours and Travel strive to provide best transportation available. Given the long travelling hours and the condition of road, we ensure that transportation is not compromised.

we provide Four Wheel Drive, SUV’s and other comfortable vesicles that are  designed to ensure safety and comfort of our guest. Besides SUV’s and Four Wheel Drive, when the group is large, we provide Coaster Buses and Coaches that are equally comfortable and reliable. Just providing the reliable and comfortable vehicle i not enough.  We also ensure that we provide experienced drivers who all have more than decades of driving experience.

Providing reliable, safe and comfortable transportation is our motto.